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Hide no more. Unraveling the veil.

If you look back throughout history from the ancient Egyptians onwards, most cultures started making clothing from a very basic premise: a single piece of cloth.
Issey Miyake

Today, the Chador has a role beyond its social context. It is no longer of regional or tribal significance. There has been a fallback to outdated traditions the world over. Desolate and helpless in modern society, some men are reclaiming the most perverse of history’s social contracts: patriarchy and machismo. Attire is now a reflection of faith and rebellion to mainstream culture. The superficial layer of attire has become a weapon.

Chador is a Persian word that quite literally translates to sheet or fabric. Eastern traditions use Chador as a metaphor for the body as well. Chadors age or get soiled wen understood as both a covering and body. They become stained, express emotions, and persistently mask and expose.

Hide no More will be part commentary and part documentary. Given the breadth of the topic at hand, I will explore various visual media and expressions: namely painting, writing, photography, film, print making and fabrics.


These jottings of thoughts may be related to other works and may find their way into a larger project. Or they might remain as an independent resource.

Aura is closely related to Hide no more.


Explorations with pencil, ink, crayon and other media:

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